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Many Growth-Oriented Business Owners
Reach A Sticking Point Where “What Used To Work”
Isn’t Enough To Get Them To The Next Level

At this point, certain “growing pains” begin to emerge:


You’re stuck in a cycle of scrambling for sales, onboarding clients, getting busy… only to start back at square one when things get quiet again.


You have ad hoc sales initiatives scattered across your inbox, spreadsheets and LinkedIn profile. There’s no structure or consistency.


Your dream clients don’t know you exist. You have no brand awareness. You’re being lost in the crowd.


You’re already busy. You don’t have time to waste on tyre-kickers and price-shoppers.


You’re good at winning deals once you’re face to face with prospects… but you’re not getting as many sales opportunities as you’d like to.


You don’t want to gamble on hiring salespeople or expensive marketing campaigns that might pay off in 6-12 months.

“Unstick” Your Revenue Growth

Beating your sales and lead generation bottleneck is a smart move.

Sitting face to face with prospective clients and winning new deals is the single most dollar-productive activity you can do in your business. Imagine how your revenue would grow if only you had a queue of qualified prospects lining up at your door.

Introducing a predictable, done-for-you B2B lead generation system that compels hard-to-reach decision makers to learn more about your products or services without being pushy or salesy.

Before you read on, please understand…

Before LeadCycle

More time spent prospecting. Fewer sales meetings.

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • $


Sales meeting set for you. More time “closing” prospects.

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • $$$

This Is NOT A Magic Pill

You can’t force prospects to be interested in a mediocre or undifferentiated product or service.
After five years of refining our Lead Generation System, we have a good idea who we can help and who we cannot. If we don’t believe that you’re a good fit to join our small cohort of clients, we’ll politely tell you and do our best to suggest some alternatives.

Do You Meet Our Client Criteria?

You Have A Successful Business

You already have some notable clients and can demonstrate meaningful client outcomes.

You Have A Compelling Point Of Difference

You are offering a novel or innovative solution that is unique in the market.

You Have A High-Ticket Product or Service

You have a client lifetime value greater than $10K and healthy profit margins.

Sound Like A Fit?
Here’s How It Works…

1. We Curate An Audience

You’ll get a list of hundreds or thousands of decision makers who are a great fit to work with your business. We research every contact from scratch and work tirelessly to exclude anyone that doesn’t meet your precise customer profile.

2. We Reach Out To Decision Makers As You,
On Your Behalf

Next, each contact receives a respectful and compelling email introducing your solution. We go to great lengths to perfect your messaging and targeting to ensure you’re a “welcome guest” (not an unwelcome pest!) in each recipient’s inbox.

3. We Manage Replies & Follow Ups
Through To Appointment

We coordinate all replies on your behalf. You’ll have full transparency and control over every message we draft to ensure we never send something that you yourself wouldn’t.

4. We Take Care Of Follow Ups & Reengagement

Initial outreach is just the start. A contact might not reply. Or maybe they say they’re not interested right now. Or perhaps someone asks for you to reach out again in a few months. We take care of all follow ups on your behalf.

That’s the 10,000ft summary of
our 102-step Lead Generation System

Just as you don’t need to know how to build an engine to drive a car, we’ll spare you
the 102-step process we follow to research data, manage compliance, optimise
deliverability and maximise your response rates. Let us worry about that.
All you need to do is show up
to the meetings we set for you.

What Makes LeadCycle Different?

You could spend +$200K hiring a full-time Sales & Marketing Manager and hope that works out. Or you invest a tiny fraction of that cost and receive the same accountability, professional care and strategic insight from LeadCycle.

Unlike hiring in-house, with LeadCycle, you’ll see results in days instead of months. Over the past five years, we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of emails and landed appointments with the C-suite of almost any ASX100 company you can imagine.

You’ll work directly with our founder, Kieron Brown, who will personally write your campaigns, oversee your data research, manage your inbox replies and optimise your results. You’ll never be handed off to a junior or offshore account manager.

We only ever work with a handful of clients at any given time. This ensures your campaigns get the attention they deserve. Our goal is to quickly become part of the fabric of your organisation and become your trusted advisor on all things related to sales process optimisation.

Frequently Asked Questions


What industries does this work for?

We have run successful campaigns in the following spaces: technology, SaaS, accounting, recruitment, IT, marketing, advertising, health/medical, finance, business services, private equity, local services, real estate, environmental services, property management and facilities management.


What results can I expect?

That depends on the attractiveness of what you’re offering and who you’re offering it to.

If we decide we’re a fit to work together, we advise clients to expect 10-30 appointments per month, which equates to a cost per meeting of $100-300.


How long will it take to see results?

Most clients book at least one meeting in the first seven days.

For less mature products and services, it can take longer since we need to experiment with messaging and audiences.

Most campaigns hit their stride after 3-4 weeks. By that time we have completely ramped up our daily sends and prospects have begun to receive followup messages.


What percentage of prospects will buy from me?

Again, this will depend on what you’re offering.

Our goal is to understand your ideal client, and then get you as many meetings as possible with prospects who fit that profile.

The most successful companies reverse engineer products and services that make it easy for their ideal clients to buy from them at any stage.


Doesn’t everyone just ignore cold email?

Sceptics who have never run a successful cold email campaign keep telling us this, but our first-hand experience setting thousands of meetings with basically every ASX100 company suggests otherwise.

Our average Open Rate is 60-80% and we hear back from 15-25% of prospects.


Does this only work for “big” companies?

No, you can target decision makers from companies of all sizes. Some of our clients target very small local businesses. Others want to speak with large multinationals. The process and response rates actually change very little from our perspective.


Do you do LI lead generation?

A few years ago, 80% of our business was LI Lead Generation. Nowadays, LI is a lot more restrictive, so we focus mostly on email campaigns. We still provide guidance on LI strategies and in select cases help on a done-for-you basis.


Is this spam?

We write nuanced, respectful emails that are especially relevant to a specific decision maker’s role and organisation.

We can point to countless examples of replies from C-level executives at Australia’s largest companies that start with some variation of, “I never reply to cold approaches, but yours stood out to me”.

We know our approach works because the replies we receive are conversational, welcome and universally positive.


How is LeadCycle different from other lead generation companies?

Most lead generation strategies work for a few months, then fall apart. Anyone can generate leads with pushy sales tactics if you throw enough prospects into the mix. But you quickly alienate your prospects and undermine future success.

Our Lead Generation System is developed with the long term in mind. We go to incredible lengths to only engage relevant prospects with nuanced, respectful emails. And because we set manual follow-up tasks on a prospect-by-prospect basis, our relevancy and rapport only improves over time.


How do we work together?

Our most popular service is our Done-For-You Lead Generation Program. That’s where we reach out to prospects on your behalf every working day of the month. We manage your replies, follow up tasks, and appointment setting.

We take care of all the technology, data research, messaging and campaign optimisation. All you need to do is handle the appointments once they’re set.

For larger organisations, we can train your team on our systems and facilitate a knowledge sharing program to help you build this capability in house.

And for anything slightly outside of the box (sales process optimisation, coaching, CRMs/marketing automation, full website strategy), please get in touch for more information.


What if I want to cancel?

Our Done-For-You Lead Generation Programs operate on a month-by-month basis. There are no obligations or lock-in contracts. All we ask is that you give us 7 days notice if you wish to pause or cancel your engagement so we can make suitable arrangements for data research and follow up messages.

Happy Clients

Here’s what other B2B Business Owners are saying about LeadCycle. Their feedback has been anonymised to safeguard their lead generation “secret”. If you are considering joining LeadCycle, we would be happy to arrange a phone call with existing clients to learn more about their experience.

“We've signed a leading ASX-listed company and have pending deals with another three key brands”

“We were in a vicious cycle of scrambling to generate leads and then spending the consequent months executing on these deals… only to find ourselves having to start from scratch every time we wanted to grow our clientbase.

It was tiresome. Aggravating. And not the way to sustainably grow a business. We knew we needed a lead generation system that operated 24/7.

LeadCycle has consistently produced high quality leads, backed by impeccable sales scripting, attention to detail, and ongoing support.

We’ve worked with BD professionals in the past and always found ourselves disappointed and left to pick up the pieces. No one comes close to Kieron and LeadCycle’s approach, system, and professionalism.

Over the last six months since engaging LeadCycle, we’ve had fruitful meetings and discussions with some of the country’s largest brands and leading execs from Microsoft, Telstra, Qantas, SBS, Australia Post, EY, Carlton & United Breweries and Canva to name a few.

We’ve signed a leading ASX-listed company and have pending deals with another three key brands. All the while not having to worry about consistently generating high quality leads. LeadCycle has kept my calendar completely full with meetings from day dot. We can’t imagine not working with LeadCycle to grow our business now and in the future.

It’s really a no-brainer!”

Award-Winning Podcasting Agency

Targeting Audience:
Chief Marketing Officers,
200-10,000 Employees Organisation

“It’s been a bit crazy - we’re inundated!”

“We’ve increased our revenue and opened the doors to bigger, more reputable organisations.

Our biggest challenge was creating brand awareness for our sustainability and innovation initiatives.

LeadCycle really understood our core message and what we were trying to achieve. They took the time to listen and create a custom solution that aligned with our brand values.

There was no hard-sell… just a warm, solution-focused message that clearly resonated with our prospects’ needs.

It’s been a bit crazy – we’re inundated!”

National Facilities Services Company

Targeting Audience:
Chief Marketing Officers,
200-10,000 Employees Organisation

“These opportunities simply would not have come about”

“We needed to speak with decision makers at businesses who hadn’t heard of us.

Since we had no brand awareness, when we would attempt to speak with them, we typically ran into a degree of hesitation. If they weren’t willing to engage at that moment, the opportunity was lost.

LeadCycle’s communication was really beneficial. We always understood what was being done and which approaches were working best. They created a plan to engage our prospects over a longer period of time – a more effective sales funnel, which was extremely helpful.

Their “soft approach” started conversations with leads that would have otherwise been lost. They were able to convey our point of difference (and why people should care) in a friendly conversational tone.

We’re still working on many of the +100 meetings they set, but I feel there are a significant amount of positive conversations in the mix. This longer play previously didn’t exist in our business and these opportunities simply would not have come about.”

Marketing Team,
PropTech / SaaS Company

Targeting Audience:
Principals & Agency Directors,
Real Estate Agencies

Our 100% “Money Where Our Mouth Is” Guarantee

We do NOT offer a money-back guarantee for three reasons:

  • The attractiveness of your product/service is outside of our control.
  • It’s important that you want this to work and have skin in the game.
  • Launching your campaign involves a LOT of legwork at our end – so we can’t refund you on a whim.

That said, we believe that accountability and integrity is everything. And we think it’s equally important that we put our money where our mouth is.

So, if we fail to live up to the expectations that we set. And you don’t believe we’ve done everything humanly possible to rectify the situation. Just say the word and we will donate your entire Month #1 engagement fee to a charity of your choosing.

Opening the door to Australia’s most
influential & hard-to-reach decision makers many, many more

Your Investment

In order to maximise your results, we only work with a small group of business owners at any one time. If we do not have capacity, or we don’t believe that your business is a good fit for LeadCycle, we’ll do our best to recommend suitable alternatives.

Our most popular service is our Done-For-You Lead Generation Program. That’s where we reach out to prospects on your behalf every working day of the month. We manage their replies, follow up tasks, and appointment setting.

The monthly investment is $5K per month, plus a small subscription fee paid directly to a suite of software services. There are no lock-in contracts, no ongoing obligations and you retain ownership of all data.

LeadCycle has always aimed to provide a level of service akin to hiring an in-house Sales & Marketing Manager. Over the past 12 months we have rolled out several significant features and processes to expand on this promise (i.e. data at no extra cost, CRM setup/integration, monthly consulting calls, sales process templates, just to name a few).

What Are The Next Steps?

To learn more and find out if you’re a fit for LeadCycle, Book A Chat below.
We’ll find out more about your situation and share some live campaigns and results.